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Some things are not as they seem? 

How did you end up at the bottom of a mine shaft? Can you find your way out? Who is the person talking to you? And are they really there to help guide you out? Go deeper into the story to discover the truth. Each decision could ultimately lead to your demise or your escape. Can you learn to trust a total stranger?

Consider your steps carefully and look for clues along the way that may save your life. 


Survival Text-based Horror


The beginning rooms of the game act as a tutorial. 

If you wish to return to the main menu, type 'end' and hit enter. 

Software used:


Bosca Ceoil for Audio

Made for 2019 Community Game Jam by Joshua Willman

NOTE: When the game was released for the game jam, I released an unfinished version. That has now been updated. 


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The White Door (Windows).zip 24 MB
The White Door (Mac).app.zip 24 MB


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Finally got to playing this in my list of games to play, just unsure if I 'beat the game' or not? Only you could tell me if it sorta 'ended where it did' for some kind of 'potential sequel' ?


Thank you so much for the review and feedback! Yes, you did in fact reach the 'end', until I get around to making a sequel that plays better than this one. 

I left a comment on YouTube about the game, too. Thank you so much for dropping by and giving The White Door a chance! It really means a lot!

Not a problem